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What is Kingfisher Music?

“Kingfisher Music” is a refreshing new source of brand new, fit for purpose arrangements and compositions for Symphonic Wind Band, Concert BandBrass Band, Orchestra, and Choir.

"Kingfisher Music" acts as the Publishing Arm and Sales Outlet for Commonwealth Music. It also offers a 'Music for Hire' service in respect of their larger scale works where appropriate.

"Kingfisher Music" actively seeks to discover, support, promote, and publish original compositions from talented new composers who are writing for a wide variety of ensembles.

The Composer in Residence for "Kingfisher Music" is Simon Haw, MBE.

"Kingfisher Music" has within its catalogue a section that focuses entirely on the "Classics" and offers bands worldwide the opportunity to Commission and Premier a new arrangement of a timeless "Classic" from any of the "Great Composers".

The Staff Arranger for "Kingfisher Music" is Stephen C Barnwell.

Composer in Residence

The Composer in Residence for "Kingfisher Music" is Simon Haw, MBE. He has a close working relationship with Commonwealth Music and The Commonwealth Youth Organisation. Amongst his most recent compositions are: "Cenotaph" - A Requiem to commemorate the Armistice and the end of The Great War (recently recorded to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Corps of Army Music in 2019); "Believe" - A Popular Song intended to be a source of inspiration for all Children of The Commonwealth (it was recorded and released in March 2019 by Mica Paris). Both recordings are widely available online and also directly from Commonwealth Music.

Why was the "Classics" section added to the Catalogue?

How many times have we players and conductors in the world of Band Music been excited about the prospect of performing a “Classic” by one of the “Great Composers” and then been left feeling disappointed?


The published arrangement simply does not live up to expectation. It has been done in an old-fashioned style or it is not true to the original. It lacks the necessary character and intensity. The work has been oversimplified; it is too thinly scored; it has been over-scored; or it places unrealistic expectations on the players and is simply unplayable.


This section of the catalogue for Kingfisher Music was created to address this.

Staff Arranger

"With over 40 years experience as a player and conductor in the world of Band Music and after spending many precious hours rearranging existing publications of the "Classics" just to make them work, or sound more convincing, or worse still discounting them all together, enough was enough. It was time to address the problem once and for all".

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Stephen C Barnwell

Former Senior Director of Music Household Division, London, England

Mission Statement

To provide an expanding source of exciting new arrangements and compositions for Symphonic Wind Band, Concert BandBrass Band, Orchestra, and Choir.


To meet the requirements of Conductors and Players worldwide in respect of creating and making available exciting new arrangements and compositions that are “fit for purpose” in all respects.


To make widely available affordable new arrangements of the "Classics” in printed music form.


To offer bands and orchestras worldwide the opportunity to Commission and give Premiere Performances of new Arrangements and Compositions and to have the details printed on the Published Title Page of the resulting score in recognition of the commission.


To further expand “Kingfisher Music” by supporting, promoting, and publishing original compositions from talented new composers who are writing for a wider variety of ensembles.

To act as the Publishing Arm and Sales Outlet for Commonwealth Music and to offer a 'Music for Hire' library for their larger scale works where appropriate.

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